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Steamed Bun Recipes

Sweet Coconut Steam Bun | 椰丝包子

Sweet Coconut Steamed Buns are Chinese Steam Bun filled with sweet sticky fragrant desiccated coconut. The desiccated coconut is cooked together with Gula Melaka and sugar until fragrant and juicy. I don’t often have this type of bun but this is one of my Mom’s favourite steam buns. I think this bun was very popular […]

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Steamed Bun Recipes

Steam Vegetable/Vegetarian Buns | 素菜包子

These Steam Vegetarian Buns are super soft and fluffy just like those in Chinese Dim Sum Restaurants! I love these vegetable buns because they are so tasty and healthy. Made these during Nine Emperor Gods Festival ” (“Gao Ong Yah” 九皇大帝/九王爷 ). This festival is mainly celebrated in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. This year, the Nine […]