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spring roll recipe
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Fried Spring Roll | 春卷

Fried Spring Roll is a popular snack or appetizer in Malaysia. Spring roll is a very thin layer of pastry wrapped with meat or vegetable filling. There is also fresh spring rolls known as Popiah. Popiah in Hokkien Chinese means thin pastry. Fried spring rolls are also served in dim sum restaurants mostly with prawn […]

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Yam Bean Vegetable Dumplings | Chai Kueh | 菜粿 | 蒸菜饺子

Chai Kueh is a very popular Chinese street snack. Its very healthy as it is steamed and packed with vegetables. Chai Kueh is very similar to har gow “prawn dumpling”, a signature dim sum dish in Chinese restaurants. Both have clear and translucent skin, also known as crystal dumpling skin. The difference is in the […]

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Ginseng Tea 洋参茶

Skip your morning coffee and drink american ginseng tea instead. Ginseng tea helps boost energy in the morning and keeps you awake the whole day. It has cooling properties and helps to calm oneself. Recommended to drink in the morning only. American ginseng is different from Korean ginseng as the properties are different. I drink […]