Steam Minced Pork with Dried Squid “土鱿蒸肉饼”

This steam minced pork with dried squid is one of my childhood favourites. My Dad makes this dish very often and I must say its super tasty. Adding the dried squid into the minced pork really adds a natural umami sweetness to the steam pork. I got this special minced pork with dried squid recipe from my Dad! You really have to try this! Its so easy to make. Also very healthy as it is steamed and no sugar added.


  • Pork shoulder 400 grams (minced) 梅花肉 400克 剁碎
  • Dried squid 1 piece approx. 25 grams 土鱿 1个 25克
  • Dried chinese flower mushrooms 4 large pieces 冬菇 4粒


  • Light soya sauce 1 teaspoon 生抽 1茶匙
  • Cornstarch 1 teaspoon 玉米淀粉 1茶匙
  • Salt 1/2 teaspoon 盐 1/2茶匙


  1. Soak mushroom for 3 hours or overnight until soft. Dice mushroom into small cubes
  2. Soak dried squid for about 10 minutes. Cut into small cubes
  3. Use a fork or chopsticks to mix mushroom, dried squid and minced meat for about 2-3 minutes. Mix in one direction until it doesn’t fall off the fork or chopsticks
  4. Place the mixed minced pork into a plate for steaming. Ensure the plate has some depth
  5. Steam high heat 10-15 minutes until cooked
  6. Best served with rice or noodles

Full recipe video for Steam Minced Pork with Dried Squid “土鱿蒸肉饼”: