Pumpkin Meatball with Tofu

Pumpkin Meatball with Tofu has a natural rich sweetness from the pumpkin infused into the meat balanced by the tofu. Pumpkin is known as a superfood packed with Vitamin A for healthy eyesight and also rich in antioxidants. This is an easy healthy chinese recipe with no added sugar and oil.


  • Pork shoulder, minced 250 grams (or any part to your liking, if you like juicier meatball, substitute some pork shoulder with pork belly)
  • Pumpkin, 1 slice (150 grams)
  • Pressed tofu, 1 piece (400 grams)
  • 1 Egg
  • Light soya sauce, 1 tablespoon
  • Salt to taste, 3/4 teaspoon
  • Scallions/spring onions (optional for ganishing)


  1. Remove skin, seeds and pulp of pumpkin
  2. Cut pumpkin into tiny cubes
  3. Mix the minced pork, pumpkin, egg, light soya sauce and salt until mixture is sticky and does not fall off the fork (MEAT MIXTURE). Takes about 3 minutes. NO need to marinate
  4. Cut the tofu pieces into small rectangle cubes and place it onto a plate
  5. Form the MEAT MIXTURE into MEATBALLS using your hand or a tablespoon
  6. Place the MEATBALLS onto each tofu pieces
  7. Steam (high heat) for 10 minutes
  8. Garnish with scallions/spring onions

Full recipe video for Pumpkin Meatball with Tofu: