Mango Coconut Milk Agar-agar Jelly | 芒果椰奶燕菜糕

This Mango Coconut Milk Agar-agar Jelly is very simple to make. Just a few steps are tricky. Will share with you important tips in this recipe.

Important tips:

  1. Do not add in the mango into the jelly mixture when its hot, let it cool down but not until it becomes firm. About 5-7 minutes. If you add the mangos in when the jelly mixture is hot, the mango will lose its sweetness
  2. 2. When adding the coconut layer, do NOT wait until the first jelly layer become firm. Once the first layer forms a thin film, add the coconut layer
  3. 3. When pouring the coconut layer, use a scoop/ladle and pour gently. Pour towards the sides of the mould. The middle area is more fragile.


  • 1 mango 300-350 grams 芒果 1个 300-350克
  • 800 ml water (room temperature) 水(室温度)800毫升
  • 200 grams sugar 糖 200克
  • 10 grams agar-agar powder 燕菜果粉 10克
  • 200 ml coconut milk 椰奶 (室温度)200毫升
  • pinch of salt 盐 少许

Step-by-step method for Mango Coconut Milk Agar-agar Jelly | 芒果椰奶燕菜糕:

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