Longan Agar-agar Jelly Pudding | 燕菜龙眼果冻布丁

This Longan Agar-agar Pudding is light and refreshing. Some other longan pudding recipes have milk. I didn’t add milk in this pudding recipe because I prefer a light dessert but the texture is still soft and smooth.

Important tips and notes:

  • This pudding in this recipe is not very sweet. If you have a sweet tooth, you can add more sugar or you can add more longan syrup after the pudding is set
  • While cooking the agar-agar mixture, stir frequently or occasionally to avoid lumps from forming
  • I put the pudding in a glass. It just looks nicer but you can put into any container.


Packet instruction states 10g for 1000ml liquid. It is possible to use 1000ml water + 1000ml soya milk (i.e. 2000ml liquid). Will it be too soft?

If mix water + soya milk, the texture will not be too soft. But if your packet instruction is 12g for 1000ml water, then you use 12 g for 1000ml water + 1000ml soya milk.


  • 1000 ml soya bean milk (unsweetened) 豆浆(没放糖)1000毫升
  • 1000 ml water (room temperature) 水,室温度 1000毫升
  • 10 grams agar-agar powder 燕菜粉 10克
  • 200 grams sugar 糖 200克
  • 1 can longan, net wt 565 grams drained wt 230g 1罐龙眼 (565克,无水量230克)
  • 2-3 pandan leaves 香兰叶 2-3片

Step-by-step video recipe for Longan Agar-agar Jelly Pudding | 燕菜龙眼果冻布丁 :

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