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Classic Chinese Recipes & Malaysian Signature, Festival Recipes

Sticky Rice Dumplings | Bak Chang | Zongzi | Dragon Boat Festival | 端午节粽子食谱

Sticky rice dumplings are traditionally made during Dragon Boat Festival. In Cantonese dialect, these dumplings are called “Zong”, in Hokkien dialect, its called “Bak Chang” or in Chinese it’s called Zongzi “粽子”. These dumplings are made with glutinous rice filled with meat and other ingredients, wrapped in bamboo leaves and then boiled about 2 hours. […]

Steamed Bun Recipes

Bak Kwa Steam Bun | 肉干包子

What to do with leftover Bak Kwa during Chinese New Year? Try my Bak Kwa Steam Buns. These steam buns are cottony soft and fluffy and taste so good with smoky sweet savoury Bak Kwa. Easy breakfast idea – Kids love these steamy buns. Prepare these steams buns in advance and freeze them. When you […]

Easy Home Cooking Recipes

Chinese Egg Roll | 鸡蛋卷

Only 3 ingredients: pork, prawn and egg + salt to make this super delicious Chinese Egg Roll. The prawn and pork combination brings out the natural sweetness and savoury taste in the egg rolls. The eggs are also cooked to perfection which makes really juicy chinese egg rolls. This chinese egg roll recipe is an […]