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Dim Sum

Har Gow | Prawn Crystal Dumpling | 虾饺

I finally perfected my Har Gow recipe! I tried to make it as simple as possible yet tasty. Har Gow is the most popular Chinese Dim Sum cuisine. Har Gow is also known as Prawn Crystal Dumpling. This recipe is super simple and easy. Video on Har Gow | Prawn Crystal Dumpling | 虾饺: Crystal dumplings […]

Dim Sum

Prawn and Chives Crystal Dumpling | 虾韭菜水晶粿

Prawn and Chives Crystal Dumpling is a signature Chinese Dim Sum cuisine. It is the next best popular dim sum dish after Prawn Crystal Dumpling also known as “Har Gow”. As the name suggest, the texture of the dumpling skin is translucent, tender and slightly chewy. The only difference is the filling. Har Gow’s filling […]