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Steam Vegetables Crystal Dumplings (Chai Kuih/Chai Kueh) | 菜粿 (水晶糕)

I love this Chai Kuih recipe, it has a soft and slightly chewy crystal dumpling skin and taste delicious with the sweet and savoury yam bean (also known as jicama or sengkuang) filling. Chai Kueh is a popular Chinese Snack in Malaysia. This is a Healthy snack to enjoy as it is steamed and filled […]

Classic Chinese Recipes & Malaysian Signature, Festival Recipes

Traditional Kaya Recipe | Malaysian Coconut Jam Recipe | 传统咖央酱食谱 | 加椰酱食谱

This Kaya Jam Recipe is shared by my Godmother. She uses the traditional method to make the coconut jThis Kaya Jam Recipe is taught by my Godmother. She makes really delicious Kaya! It is similar to those Kaya Jam sold at kopitiams. The jam has a smooth texture, slightly translucent, fragrant and very tasty! This […]

Classic Chinese Recipes & Malaysian Signature, Festival Recipes, Easy Home Cooking Recipes

Vegetarian Acar | 娘惹阿杂|素食|酸辣开胃小吃

Acar is spicy pickled mixed vegetables. In Malaysia, it is a popular Penang Nyonya side dish. This Acar recipe is not the authentic Penang Nyonya Acar recipe. For Penang acar, vinegar is added into the spice paste instead of assam jawa. My family’s hometown is Ipoh, Malaysia, so I’m used to acar flavours from Ipoh. […]

Steamed Bun Recipes

Kaya Steam Bun | 咖椰包

Kaya Steam Bun is a popular Chinese Steam Bun in Malaysia. Kaya is a sweet jam made with coconut and eggs, it can be duck or chicken eggs. In Malaysia we have kaya with toast bread and coffee or tea for breakfast. Naturally kaya is also used as a sweet filling in steam buns. Traditionally […]

spring roll recipe
Easy Home Cooking Recipes

Fried Spring Roll | 春卷

Fried Spring Roll is a popular snack or appetizer in Malaysia. Spring roll is a very thin layer of pastry wrapped with meat or vegetable filling. There is also fresh spring rolls known as Popiah. Popiah in Hokkien Chinese means thin pastry. Fried spring rolls are also served in dim sum restaurants mostly with prawn […]