Ginseng Tea 洋参茶

Skip your morning coffee and drink american ginseng tea instead. Ginseng tea helps boost energy in the morning and keeps you awake the whole day. It has cooling properties and helps to calm oneself. Recommended to drink in the morning only. American ginseng is different from Korean ginseng as the properties are different.

I drink this ginseng tea in the morning to boost my energy in the morning and calm the mind. I used to drink this a lot during University days especially during exams. It is actually cheaper than a cup of Starbucks coffee

Prep TimeCook TimeTotal TimeServes
2 min2-3 min5 min1 cup


  • 4-5 strips of american ginseng 洋参4-5片
  • a handful of goji berry approximately 5 grams 枸杞5克
  • 1 cup boiling water 开水一杯


  1. Wash the ginseng and goji berry. Place into a cup
  2. Pour in boiling water. Steep for 2-3 minutes

Full recipe video for Ginseng Tea recipe:


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