Easy Dragon Fruit Agar-agar Jelly, 火龙果燕菜糕果冻简单做法

I make this Dragon Fruit Agar-agar Jelly when I want something refreshing and hassle free to make. This jelly recipe has only 3 basic ingredients, Dragon Fruit, Agar-agar Powder and Sugar. It’s that easy.

Make this a healthy jelly version by adding less sugar. I usually have this jelly as a healthy snack. So I only add 60 grams of sugar. I get to enjoy the fresh dragon fruit and jelly. But for those who like sweet desserts, you may find that 60 grams is not enough, you may add up to 160 grams sugar.

Cooking Tips:

  • Mix the agar-agar powder, sugar and water well before cooking to avoid lumps from forming.
  • While cooking, mix occasionally to avoid lumps from forming.
  • Wait for the agar-agar liquid to cool down slightly before adding the dragon fruit. If you add the fruits when it’s piping hot, the fruit will lose its sweetness
  • After adding the dragon fruit, mix lightly so that the colour absorbs into the liquid


What is Agar-agar?

Agar-agar is extracted from seaweed and is plant-based. It works like gelatin and is often used to make jelly, especially in Asia. Being plant based, it has become very popular amongst vegetarians or vegans as a substitute for gelatin. It is odorless and does not contribute much taste to the jelly, perhaps just a slight hint of fragrance.

Agar-agar comes in powder form or strips. You can substitute agar-agar powder with agar-agar strips if preferred.

My jelly texture is too soft/firm, can I change the texture?

Yes, you can. The texture of the jelly is based on the ratio of water/liquid to agar-agar powder. So if you prefer softer texture, reduce the jelly powder or vice versa.

Why does my jelly not set?

Not enough agar-agar powder used. Different brand of jelly powder have different liquid to agar-agar powder ratio. Generally the ratio is 1g powder = 100ml liquid but may differ from brand to brand.

Agar-agar starts to activate its gelling properties when the liquid is heated above 80-90°C. So it is necessary to make sure the liquid is cooked until it is boiling. Then leave to cool to room temperature. It will start to solidify below 40°C.

What is the texture of agar-agar?

Agar-agar texture is more stiff compared to gelatin. Hence it is not so jiggly and springy.

Can I use gelatin?

The method for gelatin is not the same for agar-agar. If you want to use gelatin, you can follow the design of the jelly but you have to use the method for gelatin.

Can I use Konnyaku Jelly?

Yes you can but you might need to adjust liquid to powder ratio. For the agar-agar powder I use, the ratio is 1000 ml liquid to 10 grams of agar-agar powder.

Troubleshooting – My jelly did not set, what can I do about it?

Step 1 – If it is your first time trying the recipe there is a test you can do. Before pouring into the mold, just scoop up a small portion of the liquid into a small saucer. Place it into the fridge to set. It should take about less than 5 minutes. Check the texture of the jelly. If you are happy with it, the proceed to pour into the mold. If it did not set, add more jelly powder (before adding the powder, dilute it in some room temperature water first), pour into the existing jelly liquid and heat up the liquid again. Redo the test and once you are happy with the texture, pour into the mould

Vice versa, if you find the texture of the jelly is too stiff/hard, add more water into the existing jelly liquid and heat up the liquid again. Redo the test and once you are happy with the texture, pour into the mould

Step 2 – If you have already poured into the mold and eventually find out that it did not set. Don’t throw it away! You can always fix it. Just simply place the liquid into a pot, add jelly powder, mix well and reheat again. Then repeat the above step 1 to test the jelly.

Easy Dragon Fruit Agar-agar Jelly

Easy Dragon Fruit Agar-agar Jelly

Yield: 20 pieces
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 1 Dragon Fruit 火龙果 1 个
  • 10 grams agar-agar powder 燕菜粉 10克
  • 60-160 grams sugar 糖 60-160克
  • 1000ml water, room temperature 水,室温度 1000毫升


  • 7 inch square mould


  1. Cut dragon fruit into small cubes. Set aside.
  2. Place agar-agar powder, sugar and water into a pot. Mix well.
  3. Cook the mixture on low heat until it comes to a boil. Mix often to avoid lumps from forming.
  4. Pour into a mould using a sieve.
  5. Let it cool down before adding the dragon fruit cubes. Add the dragon fruit into the mould. Lightly mix the fruit. The colour of the fruit will absorb into the liquid.
  6. Place in the fridge to chill and set. About 2 hours. Serve chilled.

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