chinese new year ox cow steam custard bun

Chinese New Year Ox Steam Custard Bun | 新年奶黄包

Made these cute OX Steam Custard Buns for Chinese New Year! These chinese steam buns are not only cute but the steam buns also soft and fluffy and the custard filling is so creamy and tasty.

I have made many custard buns before, this Ox/ Cow steam buns is a special edition for Chinese New Year. Click on the link for simple custard bun recipes and recipe for custard filling:

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Top Tips:

  • Most tricky part for this recipe is time taken to shape the bun. If take too long the buns will be over proofed. I switched on the air conditioner to lower the room temperature.
  • While using the rolling pin to flatten dough to a disk, make sure the middle part is thicker than the sides. Ensure that the middle part of the dough is not too thin.
  • Water content depends on the quality of the flour. I.e. the water absortion rate for the flour
  • While rolling into a ball, gently press out as much air bubble as possible to get a smooth surface bun
  • Flour the table surface to avoid the dough from sticking to the table
  • Steaming wok has to be filled with water and the water at boiling point before placing the steam basket in to steam. Make sure the level of the steam basket is above the water level
  • Serve the baozi warm right after steaming. Best eaten warm. Baozi is soft and fluffy when its warm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I do not have a bamboo basket, how do I steam the buns?

The bamboo basket is ideal for steaming because of water condensation. If you don’t have a bamboo basket, recommend to wrap the wok cover with a cloth to avoid the water from dripping onto the buns

How to keep Steamed Baozi?

Let the steam bun cool to room temperature. Recommend to keep baozi in an airtight container, the place it in the fridge or freezer.

If kept in the fridge, it can last for about 3-5 days. When ready to eat, remove from fridge and steam for about 10 minutes on high heat. (note: water preboiled before steaming). Serve warm to enjoy.

If kept in the freezer, it can last for about 2-3 weeks. When ready to eat, remove from freezer and steam for about 15 minutes on high heat. (note: water preboiled before steaming). Serve warm to enjoy.

Why is my baozi not as soft and fluffy when cold or at room temperature?

Baozi or any steam cakes or breads becomes tougher when left at room temperature or cold. Baozi is always served warm or right after steaming from the steamer.

Once its cold, steam the baozi again to enjoy it the soft and fluffy baozi when its warm

Can I use all purpose flour to substitute Hong Kong flour?

Its not ideal to use all purpose flour to substitute Hong Kong flour because the the texture of the baozi is very different. All purpose flour will produce chewy buns. But Hong Kong flour will produce soft finer texture.

Also the process and the water content required is different when using all purpose flour. So its not ideal to substitute with all purpose flour

What is the best flour to substitute Hong Kong flour?

There may be other brands that sell flour specifically for making baozi. They are usually labelled as pau flour, low gluten flour. You may be able to find it at the Chinese Supermarket or Specialty Chinese Baking Shops. In Malaysia, I get Hong Kong flour from Bake with Yen


  • 200 grams Hong Kong Flour 香港面粉 200克
  • 35 grams wheat starch 澄粉 35克
  • 30 grams icing sugar 糖粉 30克
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking powder 泡打粉 1/4茶匙
  • 3/4 teaspoon instant yeast 速溶酵母 3/4茶匙
  • 120-125 ml water (room temperature) 水,室温度 120毫升
  • 20 ml vegetable oil 菜油 20毫升

Tools for shaping:

  • Chopsticks 筷子
  • 1/4 teaspoon or any thing round like a big straw 1/4茶匙或大的吸管
  • 4 cm round cookie cutter 圆形饼干磨具直径4厘米
  • small flower shape cookie cutter 花形饼干磨具
  • black sesame seeds 黑芝麻
  • 2 sheets 16×16 cm baking paper 两张16×16厘米烘焙纸

Video on method to make Chinese New Year Ox Steam Custard Bun | 新年奶黄包:

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