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chinese steamed custard bun
Dim Sum & Steamed Bun Recipes

Chinese Steamed Custard Buns *NEW* Soft & Fluffy (1 Time Proof Method)(Plain/AP flour)| 奶黄包(发酵一次的方法)

Chinese Steamed Custard Buns with 1 time proof method produces more soft and fluffy buns and the custard bun’s skin surface is smoother. I also mix a few flours to get a soft dough texture. In this steam custard bun recipe, I used superfine flour. But you can use plain/all purpose flour. If possilbe, try …

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Yam Bean Vegetable Dumplings | Chai Kueh | 菜粿 | 蒸菜饺子

Chai Kueh is a very popular Chinese street snack. Its very healthy as it is steamed and packed with vegetables. Chai Kueh is very similar to har gow “prawn dumpling”, a signature dim sum dish in Chinese restaurants. Both have clear and translucent skin, also known as crystal dumpling skin. The difference is in the …