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Classic Chinese Recipes & Malaysian Signature, Festival Recipes Dim Sum & Steamed Bun Recipes

Steam Vegetables Crystal Dumplings (Chai Kuih/Chai Kueh) | 菜粿 (水晶糕)

I love this Chai Kuih recipe, it has a soft and slightly chewy crystal dumpling skin and taste delicious with the sweet and savoury yam bean (also known as jicama or sengkuang) filling. Chai Kueh is a popular Chinese Snack in Malaysia. This is a Healthy snack to enjoy as it is steamed and filled …

Dim Sum & Steamed Bun Recipes

Traditional Miku Steam Buns | 传统面龟包子做法| 光滑和蓬松的面龟| 麵龜

Miku buns “面龟” are made for prayers during the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (“Gao Ong Yah” 九皇大帝/九王爷 ). This festival is mainly celebrated in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. This year, the Nine Emperor Gods Festival is celebrated from 4 Oct 2021 to 13 October 2021. During this period, devotees will bring Miku buns go to …