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Agar-Agar, Jelly, Dessert & Drinks

Pandan Coconut Milk “Kuih Talam” Agar-agar Jelly | “Kuih Talam” 香兰叶椰奶燕菜果冻布丁

This Kuih Talam Agar-agar Jelly Pudding is inspired by “Kuih Talam”, a popular kuih in Malaysia. If you like pandan flavour or our local kuih, you’ll love the taste of this jelly. The flavours for this jelly pudding is similar to Kuih Talam. Main ingredients for this agar-agar pudding are pandan and coconut milk. Cook …

Agar-Agar, Jelly, Dessert & Drinks Classic Chinese Recipes & Malaysian Signature, Festival Recipes

Bubur Cha Cha, Sago Sweet Potato Dessert| 摩摩喳喳, 西米红薯椰奶甜点

This Sweet Potato, Sago Coconut Milk Dessert “Bubur Cha Cha” is a popular dessert in Malaysia. Every Penang Nyonya eatery will definitely serve BuBur Cha Cha. It is so easy to make, you have to try it! Bubur Cha Cha is a Malaysian Penang Nyonya Dessert. Bubur means “Porridge” in Malay describing the sweet coconut …

Agar-Agar, Jelly, Dessert & Drinks

Osmanthus Flower Agar-agar Jelly | 桂花燕菜果冻简单做法

Osmanthus Flower Goji Berry Agar-agar Jelly is very refreshing and cooling and have many health benefits. Also, this agar-agar recipe is very easy to make. Ingredients: 10 grams agar-agar powder 燕菜粉 10克 1000ml water (room temperature) 水,室温度 1000毫升 2 teaspoon osmanthus flower 桂花 2茶匙 24 grams goji berry 枸杞 24克 90 grams honey rock sugar …