Bread using Rice Cooker,No Egg, Milk and Butter “面包无鸡蛋牛奶和黄油”

Super easy bread recipe especially using a rice cooker. I don’t buy bread anymore even since I started using the rice cooker to make bread. 

This bread is soft and fluffy even with a rice cooker. Also no egg, milk and butter to make this rice cooker bread! 

Top tips for a Soft and Fluffy Bread: 

  • Try not to over knead the flour. Usually, I’ll slowly add oil to the dough while kneading on the work surface. Once the oil is fully absorbed and you can feel the elasticity of the dough, it should be done. About 10 minutes. Gently press the dough with your index finger and if the dough slowly bounces back, its done. This recipe uses more water content compared to other bread recipes. So if you continue kneading after the oil is absorbed, the dough will become sticky again. I tend not to add anymore flour if this happens. At this point, just add a little bit more oil and knead slightly more. 
  • This bread is not a sweet bread. Only used 30 grams for the dough. So best eaten with some jam or butter and sugar. 
  • I didn’t use a plastic wrap to cover the dough while forming the dough balls because I normally do it quite fast. But feel free to use a plastic wrap to cover the dough while forming the 12 divided dough into round balls.
  • Water should be lukewarm, ie if you touch the water with your finger, it should not feel anything, not hot or cold. I just use the filtered tap water as the temperature in my country is usually 31 degrees celcius 
  • Cooking time may vary with different rice cooker. You can feel the top part of the bread, if not sticky, then its cooked
  • Cooking time will be different if you use another function. If using RICE function, cooking time is about 50 minutes
  • If your cooking pot is NOT nonstick, then spray or brush a layer of oil onto the pot. 
Prep Cook Total Yields
2 hrs30 min2 hrs 30 min12


  • Bread flour 300 grams 高筋面粉 300克
  • Sugar 30 grams 白糖 30克
  • Yeast 4 grams 酵母粉 4克
  • Water 200 ml 水200毫升(lukewarm)(based on feedback some bread flour may not absorb as much water content, so suggest to start at 195ml of water)(一些高筋面粉无法吸收这么高的水分,建议从195毫升水开始)
  • Vegetable oil 30 ml 油30毫升


  1. Add sugar and yeast into water. Stir and let rest for a few minutes until the yeast froth up
  2. Add yeast solution into the flour in a big bowl. Form a dough
  3. Place dough onto a work surface. Add oil slowly and knead until smooth and you can feel the elasticity of the dough. About 10-15 minutes. Test by pressing your finger into the middle of the dough. It should slowly bounce back. 
  4. Cover dough and proof for 45 minutes or until double in size. 
  5. Press out all the air and divide into 12 equal pieces. 
  6. Form each piece into a ball. Place into the rice cooker and proof another 30 minutes. 
  7. Time to bake! Choose the “bread function” and select 25 minutes and press start. 
  8. Once done. Flip over the bread and bake using “bread function” and time another 5 minutes. 

I find that different suppliers of bread flour give different textures. The bread flour I use to make this bread is Prima Bread Flour. The bread comes out slightly whiter and softer than other bread flours

Full recipe video for Bread using Rice Cooker,No Egg, Milk and Butter “面包无鸡蛋牛奶和黄油”: