Barley, Beancurd with Ginkgo Dessert “白果薏米”

This Barley, Beancurd with Ginkgo Dessert is a very popular Chinese dessert soup in Malaysia. This is one of my favourite desserts. I have been consuming this barley dessert ever since I was a child. This barley dessert soup is very effective to reduce body heat. In Mandarin, we call this “热气”. So if you are feeling slightly warmer than usually, headache or having soar throat, this barley dessert can help.

Top tips for Barley, Beancurd with Ginkgo Dessert:

  • Ensure that beancurd skin if for making dessert. There are two types of beancurd skin. Once is for frying and the other is for making soup desserts. The beancurd skin that is for frying will NOT turn creamy white, breakdown and melt in the dessert soup
  • If you want the beancurd skin to melt completely, after simmering for 2 hours, increase the high heat to melt the beancurd
  • Ginkgo is optional. This barley soup taste just as great with barley and beancurd skin


  • Barley 1/2 cup 薏米 半杯
  • Dried beancurd skin (for dessert) 120-150 grams 腐竹片 120-150克
  • Ginkgo 150 grams 白果 150克
  • Honey rock sugar 100 grams 蜂蜜冰糖 100克
  • Water 3000ml 水 3000毫升


  1. Remove shell and skin of gingko. Remove the stem inside the ginkgo
  2. Prewash barley and cut dried beancurd into small pieces. Place barley, ginkgo, dried beancurd skin and water into a pot
  3. Bring to boil. Reduce to low heat and simmer for 2 hours
  4. Add honey rock sugar. Once sugar melts, ready to serve
  5. You can serve hot or cold

Full recipe video for Barley, Beancurd with Ginkgo Dessert “白果薏米”: