Month: January 2024

Agar-Agar and Jelly

Dragon Fruit Agar-agar Jelly Mooncake | Agar-agar Recipes | Mid Autumn Festival Mooncake | 火龙果燕菜果冻月饼

These Dragon Fruit Agar-agar Jelly Mooncakes are adapted from the traditional mooncakes, which are traditionally enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Jelly mooncake has become a popular trend – Classic mooncake is baked with pastry skin and filled with lotus paste or red bean paste. Making these classic pastry type mooncakes can be quite time consuming. […]

Agar-Agar and Jelly

Blueberry Coconut Agar-agar Recipe/Natural Blueberry Flavour/Refreshing Agar-agar Recipe/蓝莓燕菜糕果冻食谱

Refreshing and fragrant sweet from blueberry jelly, So Delicious! – this recipe is light and refreshing and not too sweet. You can taste the natural sweetness and tanginess from the blueberries. Try this when you want something refreshing and easy to do. EXPLANATION OF KEY INGREDIENTS IMPORTANT COOKING TIPS HOW TO STORE ? Unmould just […]

Agar-Agar and Jelly, Kuih, Cookies, Cakes and Bread Recipes

Pink Ombre Christmas Jelly Layered Fruit Cake Agar-agar Cake | 圣诞水果果冻蛋糕食谱燕菜糕

Sweet Pink Cake for this Christmas? – I usually make simple agar-agar jellies and agar-agar cakes. This time I wanted to go beyond that and make a whole cake with jelly. Went through a lot of ideas and testing and finally decided on a Pink Ombre Jelly Fruit Cake for Christmas. I just love the […]