Month: November 2021

Agar-Agar and Jelly

Agar-agar Grass Jelly Pudding

This Agar-agar Grass Jelly Pudding is so refreshing and easy to make. Grass Jelly is a herbal jelly made from a plant known as Chinese Mesona. In East and South East Asia, it is often it is paired with chilled sweets drinks and desserts. Grass Jelly has a slightly bitter taste and the texture is […]

Agar-Agar and Jelly

Agar-agar Fruit Jelly Cubes | 水果燕菜果冻块

These Agar-agar Fruit Jelly Cubes are so pretty, refreshing and tasty. Kids love these fruit jelly cubes – Make these jelly cubes and your kids will definitely consume their daily fruit intake. Healthier version – as these jelly cubes are packed with fruits, there is natural sweetness from the fruits, so if you are worried […]