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5 minutes Dalgona Coffee without Mixer “Dalgona 咖啡”

Dalgona coffee has gone viral lately. Apparently it started in Korea and became a Tiktok sensation. Its a beautiful coffee with nice silky frothy coffee cream on top of ice milk. And the best part is there is no cream or whipped cream. Its only 4 ingredients, coffee, sugar, water and milk. I was so fascinated with it that I tried it myself and yes, its yummy and so refreshing and easy to do. Well with a bit of whisking! This recipe is for those that do not want to use a mixer.

Top tips:

  • I use a sieve to whisk the coffee mixture first. Then swap to a whisk. Its easier this way. Alternatively you can use a whisk or a mixer right from the beginning
  • Use a round base bowl instead of a plate
  • You can add chocolate or milo to your mixture to make Mocha Dalgona Coffee
  • When whisking, its up to you whether you want to achieve soft peak or stiff peak for your coffee cream. I prefer soft peak because when you drink the Dalgona Coffee, the coffee cream will slowly absorb into the ice milk.
Prep timePlating timeTotal timeServing
4-5 mins30 seconds4-5 min1


  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 tablespoon hot water
  • 200-250 ml cold milk
  • Ice cubes for 1 serving


  1. Pour the coffee, sugar and hot water into a bowl. Start off by using a sieve to whisk it for about 2 minutes until lighter brown colour and thicker consistency
  2. Then change the sieve to a whisk. Continue whisking until you get soft peak to stiff peak. Its up to you whether you want soft peak of stiff peak. 
  3. Pour cold milk into a glass. Add ice as much as you like
  4. Place the coffee cream on top of the ice milk. Make a swirl or a pattern you like. Tada! 

Full video recipe for 5 minutes Dalgona Coffee without Mixer “Dalgona 咖啡”: